Student Testimonials

Intake 1

Position: In Patient Nursing Attendant
Facility: Cross Cancer Institute

I made a change in life at a late age and it was the best thing I ever did. Going back to school was a challenge. I did it! My instructors were the best. My daughter and husband were outstanding. Their love and support was the greatest! Today I am employed at the Cross Cancer Institute. Working there has made such a difference in my life. The love and compassion that I have for this job is incredible. I feel that every day I learn the value of life. I know I make a huge difference in the life of people I care for. I am very honoured and proud to work at the Cross. The wonderful staff at Nightingale Academy were a big part of my life and my nursing career.

Intake 2

Position: Nursing Attendant
Facility: Grey Nuns Hospital

I have been working at the Grey Nuns Hospital for more than a year. Some of my responsibilities include total patient care, reporting patient’s conditions to nurses and comforting patients that are dying. I love what I do! I am the eyes and hands of the nurse and much more. The Nursing Attendant Program has given me the basic skills and knowledge to nurse patients. I plan to use my education as a foundation to further my nursing career.

Intake 1

Position: Rehab Assistant
Facility: Laurier House

The Nursing Attendant Program has been extremely helpful in building my confidence. It has provided me with the skills and knowledge needed to fulfill my duties as a Rehab Assistant. The knowledge and skills I apply every day include body mechanics, nutrition, exercise, rehabilitation and restorative care. God has given me the grace, compassion, empathy and love to help furrier each of my clients’ needs. My job is very rewarding because I can meet my clients’ physical, mental and spiritual needs.

Intake 3

Position: Nursing Attendant/Unit Clerk
Facility: Cross Cancer Institute

I can’t believe I’m the first male to have graduated as a Nursing Attendant. I did my 3-week practicum at the Cross Cancer Institute. They were amazed at my knowledge and skill level. The Cross was very grateful to have Nightingale students assist their staff and clients. I was hired on my last day of practicum. Currently, I work as a Nursing Attendant (0.7 – Part-time) and as a Unit Clerk. This program has helped me find my path to my goal, and my next stop, who knows??

Intake 1

Position: Nursing Attendant
Facility: Parkland Medical

I was part of the very first intake of the program and did my practicum at the Aspen House in Morinville. After graduation I started working at Parkland Medical in Spruce Grove as a Medical Assistant to the doctors. The job allowed me to help with medicals and minor surgeries, etc. The Nursing Attendant Program gave me the knowledge that I needed to take on these tasks. I thank all involved in the program for the time and effort put into teaching each and every one of us.

Intake 16

Position: Support Worker
Facility: Mount Pleasant Choice Program

I am currently working at the Mount Pleasant Choice Program. I work permanent part-time as a Support Worker. During my shifts, I do a variety of tasks such as bathing and assisting clients with their needs. It’s a fun place to work and I love the team atmosphere. I did my 3-week practicum there and was hired when I completed the program.