Health Care Aide Course Edmonton: The Nightingale Academy Program

The standards of the Nightingale Academy’s Health Care Aide Course Edmonton have been identified by Alberta Health Services in conjunction with the healthcare industry in the Health Care Aide Government of Alberta Provincial Curriculum Program.

Nightingale Academy’s program is 22 weeks long and includes extra components beyond the standard requirements. Simply put Nightingale Academy is Better by Design, Better by Far.

We always have a New Class Starting soon so you NEVER have to wait to get Started on Your Chosen Career Path.

The Nightingale Academy Program has five distinct parts.

  1. Classroom Instruction
  2. Lab Instruction and Practice
  3. Clinical Practicum
  4. Home Care Practicum
  5. Senior Practicum

In the Classroom Instruction Component, you will learn the Knowledge you will need to become a  Nursing Attendant /Health Care Aide

In the Lab Instruction and Practice Component, you will learn and practice the BASIC CARE NURSING SKILLS such as aseptic sterile techniques, catheter care, transferring patients, vital signs; in fact the Basic Care Nursing Skills needed for success in the next three components.

In the Clinical Instruction Component, You will be learning and perfecting your BASIC CARE NURSING SKILLS working under the direct supervision of an Instructor with actual clients at Venta Care Centre or similar Care facility.  Small groups of five to six students facilitate maximum instructional benefit for the student.

In the Home Care Placement Component, you will be practicing the BASIC CARE NURSING SKILLS providing Home Care in clients’ homes or in an assisted living facility.

In the Senior Practicum Component students participate in a five-week full-time hands-on work experience. Students are assigned a preceptor at their placement site and are expected to demonstrate work readiness in terms of knowledge, skills, attitude, and reliability. Work experience sites may include, extended care facilities, palliative care, assisted living, and active treatment sites such as cardiovascular ICU, pediatrics, organ transplant and other hospital units our students have been in the past. Students may also complete their senior practicum component in schools assisting students with cognitive and physical exceptionalities.

Nightingale Academy includes these Additional Certificates:

  • Level C  CPR, HCP First Aid Certificate
  • Standard Precautions Infection Control Hand Washing Certificate
  • Medication Administration Certificate(developed in collaboration with Alberta Association of Registered Nurses)
  • Diabetes-Blood Glucose Monitoring Certificate (reviewed by the Canadian Diabetes Association)
  • Specimen Collection Certificate (developed in collaboration with Dynacare Kasper Medical Laboratories)
  • Protect Your Back Certificate (endorsed by the Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta)
  • Supportive Pathways Certificate

Simply put Nightingale Academy Provides you THE BASIC CARE NURSING SKILLS  and CERTIFICATIONS needed for employment in Today’s Health Care Facilities.

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