Start Your Career in Health Care

Start Your Career in Health Care With Nightingale Academy’s Health Care Aide Training Program

Are you curious about a career in health care?

There are several career advantages you can leverage when you enroll in Nightingale Academy’s Health Care Aide certification program to start your career off right.
More About The Program

Hard Facts About LPN Programs in Edmonton

Continuing education courses, entrance testing if required, registration fee, Student Financial Aid counseling and applications, resumes, online job application assistance, and up to 13 certificates associated with the program and the Continuing Education courses we have available are included.

What Are The Financial Requirements For an LPN Program or Health Care Aide Certification?

When examining the financial requirements to attend an Edmonton LPN course, student loans required for the LPN program are twice the cost of the health care aide program, and the LPN program itself will take 2 years to complete. At Nightingale Academy, an accredited Edmonton college, you can complete your health care aide program in 35 weeks. We also offer evening and weekend training so that you can continue to work while you complete the health care aide course. Our program will give you the training you need to work in long-term, acute and home care environments.

What Kind of Salary do You Make as a Health Care Aide?

In Alberta, Health Care Aides report an average salary anywhere between $37,400-$66,000. If you’re serious about changing your life by pursuing a meaningful career, contact Nightingale Academy today for a free discovery session and learn how you can start earning a better salary in just 35 weeks. There are always new classes starting soon, so you never have to wait to start on your new career journey.

Health Care Aides are Compassionate and Caring. Does this sound like you?

  • A People Person
  • Compassionate
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Excited to Learn New Skills
  • Enjoys Helping & Working with People
If this sounds like you then you may be well suited for a career as a Health Care Aide! Health Care Aides are kind and compassionate by nature, love to help people, and enjoy working directly with clients.

Licensed Practical Nurses or Health Care Aides

Licensed Practical Nurses spend less one-on-one time with clients than Health Care Aides, and the average hourly rate for a Licensed Practical Nurse is not much higher than that of a Health Care Aide, especially at an entry-level position. Plus, with less time spent in school (8 months vs. 2 years) and considerably lower student loans, starting out as a Health Care Aide makes the most sense. Have a better life in less than a year, with less debt to pay off.
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Health care aides are in high demand and work in a wide range of facilities, from hospitals to long-term facilities and home care

Alberta Health Services consistently has hundreds of job postings on their careers web page for Nursing-Health Care Aide, and that is Just with Alberta Health Services. Covenant Health, plus hundreds of private long-term care and home care providers in Alberta also hire Health Care Aides.

Nightingale Academy helps our graduates through the career search and application process as well as resume creation. Plus, we have a 94% employment rate post-graduation! You can’t go wrong with Nightingale Academy. Book your discovery session today.

What Nightingale Academy Graduates Have to Say

When I started at Nightingale Academy I was working at a job that I didn’t like and it didn’t pay well. We were really just getting by. I learned through a friend about Nightingale Academy and the financing and grant options that were available. I decided to dedicate 8 months to my education and now I couldn’t be happier with my work and with my career. I enjoyed the real-life training that was included in Nightingale’s Health Care Aide course. It helped me get hired right after graduation, and now, I get to work one-on-one with some of the funniest and kindest patients. I’m earning more and my family is thriving because of it.


recent graduate
Taking Nightingale Academy’s Health Care Aide training program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was interested in going to school to become a Licensed Registered Nurse but I didn’t like the idea of dedicating two years of my life on training and collecting thousands in student debt just to get there. I got into Nightingale Academy in less than a month, was able to pay out of pocket, and now make more money at this point than I would have as an LPN.


recent graduate